Soundtrack Geek Awards 2014 Nominees

Welcome to the 4th Annual Soundtrack Geek Awards! There’s been a few changes from last year and those are:

1. No initial nominations
2. Nominees chosen based on Top Scores 2013 Critic’s Choice and Soundtrack Geek Index.
3. No “Other: ” field except for the composer category. These nominations are final.

Basically 5 nominees are chosen based on what 20+ soundtrack review sites say about the scores and 2 are added based on the Soundtrack Geek Index (Album Excellence). For the category Best Score 10 are chosen based on the Critic’s Choice list and 5 are chosen from the Soundtrack Geek Index.

So start voting! The votes will close on Sunday 26th of January and the winners will be announced that very evening!

Final nominees and voting after the jump!

PS! There’s a bug on Android that doesn’t allow you to see more than the top 3 choices, so I made an (ugly) workaround. Android users, please go to this page (Soundtrack Geek Awards 2014 Nominees – Android Friendly) and vote. Thanks!

Thanks for all the votes! The poll is now closed. Winners will be announced throughout the day.

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